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    Level of detail with conversion rate

    Florence Clutha

      Hi All,


      I am trying to calculate the site conversion rate using a LOD calculated field, so that when I filter on a specific dimension the site average stays the same.


      I successfully do this for total sessions { FIXED [Created Date] : [Sessions] }, but when I try to do this for a rate, it breaks and shows a strange ~200% conversion rate {fixed [Created Date] : sum([Sales]) / [Sessions]}


      Any help will be appreciated!



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          Jim Dehner

          I would like to see the TWBX workbook with the data attached but it looks like you calculate the total number of session in the first LOD but did not use it in the second


          if this is the total number of sessions  { FIXED [Created Date] : [Sessions] }


          don't you need to use it in this       {fixed [Created Date] : sum([Sales]) / [Sessions]}


          in place of [Sessions]?


          something like                     {fixed [Created Date] : sum([Sales]) / { FIXED [Created Date] : [Sessions] }}


          Probably has some aggregation or syntax issues but that should give you a direction



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