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    Grand total is not showing

    Nhung Nguyen

      Hi All,


      My work is 99% done. There is only one issue that I cannot solve. The Grand total is not showing for two custom fields.

      Below is the calculation for those fields



      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Thank you,

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Nhung,


          Please review - Why Your Grand Total or Subtotal Isn't Working as Expected 


          You may be able to force the grand total by defining the aggregation (Grand Totals and Aggregations )   but I am unsure without testing in your workbook. 


          Good luck



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            Jonathan Drummey

            Here's an educated guess:


            Put {FIXED [Job], [Cost Code], [CAT] : SUM([Total Estimate])} as a discrete dimension on the Detail. You'll most likely see 2+ marks show up for the total for Est Cost to Date and if you look at the tooltips you'll see different values for the LOD expression.


            In that case the reason why the Est Cost to Date calc is returning Null in your original view is that {FIXED [Job], [Cost Code], [CAT] : SUM([Total Estimate])} is returning 2+ values and wrapping that with ATTR() causes ATTR() to return *, a special version of Null.


            Then the Cost % of Est is failing because it's getting Null as an input.


            If all that is true then I'm not able to give you a solution without knowing a lot more about the data & the desired goal. For example do you want to multiply the average of the LOD *the [PC] measure, or maybe you want to do the LOD * [PC] at the level of Work Type, Cost Code, Description, & CAT and then do a further aggregation of that as Patrick described?