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    Problem with Tableau and "LIMIT 0" in Infobright DB

    Robert Socha

      Good morning everyone,


      We have a critical problem with the performance of Tableau with the Infobright database.

      The main problem is the process of metadata loading in Tableau. Tableau adds „LIMIT 0” in SQL query at the last line of the query.

      But it generates serious problem for our database – Infobright can’t handle the “limit 0” statement. The execution of such a query in Infobright lasts ten times longer than execution of the query with "LIMIT 1" for example.

      Here are some data for a simple query with “LIMIT 0” - as you can see, it last forever.

            -- Connection Id: 14603
            -- DB: xxxxxxxxxx
            -- Command: Query
            -- Time: 73955
            -- State: executing

      Sometimes, if we have several queries with "limit 0" at the same time, it even stops the database.


      Do you have any idea how to disable the “limit 0” in Tableau or how to fix this problem in Infobright?

      Is anybody working with Tableau and Infobright and has the same problem?

      Thank you very much for help in advance!