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    Grouping category using Rank and Level of details to color each circle by category

    Tom Yokote

      To Tableau experts,


      Firstly my apology if there is actually the same or similar question answered somewhere else but I could not find any.


      I am trying to color the circle in scatter plot chart based on the category which is created by using Level of Details and ranking.

      What I try to do is basically ranking the category based on the total volume produced from Level of details and grouping the below Top 5 or any number entered in the parameter volume category as Others.


      This is the output I was hoping to have.

      As you can see in the legend, it shows the first 5 category and the rest of them is named as Other (There are 10 other category)

      This can easily be done manually which I did for this expected output, but this needs to be automated for the dashboard users.

      I thought this can be achieved by using LOD to work out the total volume of each category, ranking each category based on the volume,

      and then eventually rename the category based on the ranking with the parameter which user can enter to include category Top1,2, 3 and so on.

      The following table shows the result.

      As you can see, the original category is shown from A to O while Top category is shown as its original category till Top 6 (entered in Parameter Top X)

      then renamed as others for the rest of category.


      This is totally working in the table as I expected but when I apply this created category to the scatter plot chart color, it just colors every single category without Other.


      It may be due to the scatter plot chart and I may need to approach in a different way but I can not think of any other way of doing this.

      Please see the attached sample package.


      Any help or advice would be highly appreciated!