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    How to hide Column

    sivasagar kalagara

      Hello Everyone,


      New to Tableau, Please help me in hiding the column.



      Thanks in advance




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          Eric Hammond

          Hi Sivasagar,


          The "Abc" is a placeholder that goes away when a measure is added to worksheet; if you just keep building what you need then it won't be there long.  However, here is a work-around:

          • Assuming that [Business Name] is already on the Rows shelf,
          • Drag [Business Name] from the Dimensions on the left and drop it on the Text tile in the Marks shelf
          • Click the Text tile
          • Click the ellipsis to edit
          • Remove the reference to [Business Name] and close
          • Consider removing the column divider line


          Again, as soon as you add any data to display for those business names, the "Abc" will automatically go away, so hopefully you won't need these steps.

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            sivasagar kalagara

            Hello Eric Hammond,



            Thanks for the reply I tried but the result was not as expected. I would like to remove that column from the sheet. If not at least hide it.

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              Eric Hammond

              Hi Sivasagar,


              I'm sorry that approach didn't work for you.  This is a common question; please search on "Remove ABC" to find many ways that others handle it.


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                Deepak Rai

                Just drag last of your measure to texti mean whatever last you have on row drag it to text and for heading type name of Header in the column directly

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                  Tim Dines

                  I usually change the text color to match the background color of the pane.  I have also created a field called filler and then hidden it after putting in the sheet.  This is done by right clicking on the header and selecting hide.

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                    Venkatesh Nagapuri

                    Hi ShivaSagar,


                    I understood the requirement that you need to 1) Just remove abc value from cell or 2) Need to remove the whole abc cell  ??


                    Solution 1:Just removing abc value from the cell.
                    1.Create a calculation field of empty strings ("") and drag this calculation into the marks Text.


                    Solution 2: Need to remove whole abc cell.

                    1.Drag the dimension to the Marks Text(Which dimension is already kept in the Column or Row).

                    2.Right click on the dimension, which is in column or row, and hide the header of that dimension.





                    Venkatesh N.