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    Ambassador Selection | July 2018

    Amanda Boyle


      Dear Tableau Community,


      We’re making a change to the Ambassador program this year: the next selection process will be in July 2018 and will now occur annually in July. The program has been running successfully for years with bi-annual selection, but as we continue to grow and refine the Tableau Ambassador's framework we have made the decision to better align our efforts and selection with events throughout the year.


      We have an incredible group of ambassadors across four distinct branches: social media lead by Marissa Michelotti, Tableau User Groups lead by Jordan Scott, the Community Forums lead by Patrick Van Der Hyde, and Tableau Public lead by Jonni Walker. We encourage you to learn more about all the ambassadors on our website and follow them on Twitter.


      Tableau Ambassadors are nominated by our Tableau community and our team members. If you would like to nominate a community member as an ambassador please fill out this form. We will be accepting nominations until July 6, 2018.


      Characteristics of Tableau Ambassadors

      • Demonstrate Leadership and Evangelism
        • Represents the spirit and voice of the community
        • Teaches by their actions and encourage good behavior within the community
      • Demonstrate Knowledge and Advocacy
        • Has a fair understanding of the Tableau product, company, and/or community
        • Defends Tableau and speaks on Tableau's behalf when appropriate and necessary. When they disagree with Tableau, it is done respectfully.
        • Active in the community
      • Responsive and Accessible to others in the community
        • Responds and engages with others regularly in regards to Tableau
        • Collaborates and contributes where possible


      Please feel free to share thoughts or feedback with Amanda Boyle or comment on this thread below.


      Thank you all for being a part of the Tableau Community!




      Tableau Ambassador Program mission statement: To recognize members of the community who connect, collaborate and share with other people because they recognize the value of helping people see and understand their data.


      *All Tableau Ambassadors are expected to commit to a one-year term, abide by and uphold the Community Code of Conduct and respect a mutual non-disclosure agreement.