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    Difference From Grand Total Averages

    Sonia Raja

      I have a table that has a row for planned budget and then a row for actual spending that took place for each month. I wanted to calculate the variance between the two and have it as a separate row underneath the actuals, so I created a quick table calculation of difference from, so it subtracts the value from the previous (actual spend - budgeted spend). This worked well. However, I have a grand total column at the end of the table. I changed this to calculate it as an average, because I need the Full Year average for the budgeted spend and the actual spend. I also need the Full Year variance, which I assumed would get calculated from my difference from calculation. However, the Full Year variance is being calculated as if it were the sum for the full year, so it is showing that the variance is over 200 when it is really only 20 between the two averages. Is there a way to change or add a calculation so that it presents the variance between the two full year averages, not the sums?

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          Jim Dehner


          see the attached approach use superstore $ YOY


          this calculation will give you the average - it is a table calculation so you need to set it up in relation to your data table



          it returns this





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