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    Customer Rank with Filters

    Andy Dalugoda

      Hello All,


      I have a list of customers, i would like to get their rank based on average performance without listing customer name next to the rank


      I was able to find customer rank by using Rank(avg([Performance ratio]))

      that works but i would like to give the end user the ability to select individual customer and still be able to see the customer rank


      if i use that customer as a filter then my rank is always 1


      ideally, i would like to select a customer and it would display the customer rank only (not have customer name next to it)


      I have attached a sample book for your reference


      thanks so much for your help

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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Andy

          I am not sure if you need your Rank to Change with State. So what I did, I have created 2 new Filters and using them your Rank doesn't change for any customer. But, If you want that if you change State and Your Rank Changes, Then bring in Original State filter instead of Mine.





          Unchecked show Header on Property Name ,With New Filters Selected CHC is:


          Now for ONLY CHC from  NewFilters


          If I use your Old State Filter CHC Changes from 10 to 6 and SELECT Nevada.  But if you Keep ALL, u get 10 again. You have to Decide what you Need.


          If it Helps, Pl mark it Helpful and CORRECT to Close Thread.



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            Andy Dalugoda

            almost there.


            my end goal is to create a dashboard that allows the end user to select a state and then a customer in that state, dashboard will display product performance and customer ranking etc.

            In order to accomplish that i'm using filters.


            how can i do that with this method?


            i've attached a updated book for your reference


            thanks so much again for your help

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              Deepak Rai

              You need to drag those filters to detail in order for them to be available for Selection in Dashboard.