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    Grand totals for calculated field (% of a measure) is not showing correctly

    Eva K

      I know this has been discussed previously in various forums, but I still did not find the exact solution to my issue.


      I have a data source published on tableau and another blended source is an excel sheet, i am trying to display measures from both the sources in a crosstab as well as a calc field which uses a measure from each data source. For sample workbook, i just created two separate excel sheets as 2 data sources to get the feel of what i am trying to do.

      So data source1 has Area and amount, data source 2 has Area and Rate. Revenue is calculated from Amount and Rate

      Revenue = Sum(Amount)*Avg(Rate)

      Grand total for Revenue should be, 1228255 but it's showing as 1305876.

      How do i get the correct total for Revenue? I have attached the twbx file.