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    Data Blending of similar data


      I have 2 data sets-

      one coming in from Google Sheets, (Which is Static)

      Second coming in from MySQL (Which is dynamic- live)


      Both these databases have similar fields and data coming from MySQL is the continuation of Google Sheets Data.


      I need to blend these databases.


      Data looks something like this:


      Google Sheets  : Date  Project   WorkFlowType   EmployeeID  HoursWorked


      MySQL Data : Date WorkFlowType EmployeeID  ProjectName HoursWorked



      It can either be in the same connection or different data sources. Please could you please help me with the same.. What are my options to blend the data? I cannot use an UNION- as it doesn't allow to union from 2 different databases.


      It would be a great help.


      Thank you.