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    Can I set bars in bar chart to different colors?

    John Freiberger



      I have created a side-by-side bar graph that measures the electoral vote % and popular vote % from the 1980 US general election through the 2016 US general election. My thesis advisor would like to see the electoral vote % bars be a different color than the popular vote % bars so it's easy to visually distinguish one measure from the other. Currently, I'm using a dimension I created called "Winner" to color the bars by political party (red for Republican; blue for Democrat). The values in my Winner column in my spreadsheet simply lists the winning candidate to align with the electoral vote % and popular vote % that each candidate garnered:


      Here's how the bar graph currently looks:


      For each winning candidate, the first bar is the electoral vote % and the second bar is the popular vote % (I hid the legend at the bottom to save space).


      How can I re-apply the colors so that the electoral vote bars are, for example, red, and the popular vote bars are blue (I will ultimately choose a politically neutral pair of colors to use)?


      Attached is an exported workbook for this chart. Any help is much appreciated!