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    Ian's Visual Analytics Dashboard Project

    Ian Whitehead

      The University of Calgary Continuing Education Course ICT 774-002 just wrapped up on Monday, March 28, 2018. It was a great course and I learned a lot about Visual Analytics in addition to Tableau. I have posted my dashboard project on Average Global Temperature and Global Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Levels to Tableau Public so that you can take a look at it Tableau Public

      There were so many spectacular projects and topics discussed. The course was interesting as it was done as an online course which was a both convenient and challenging as technology does not always work well when you want it to.


      ICT 774 - Visual Analytics


      Course Description

      This foundational course focuses on the design and implementation of interactive computer visualization techniques for the analysis, comprehension, and explanation of large collections of abstract information. The application of principles from perception, information visualization, interaction and visual analytics will be covered. Practical skills for using tools for cleaning up data, creating interactive visualizations, conducting exploratory analysis and deriving insights from large datasets will be emphasized.


      Course Details

      Visual analytics in organizations is data management with humans in the loop. This requires fast data delivery along with flexible techniques blending computational analysis - the numbers and hard data - along with visualization. The result is presentation materials that are deeply connected to the analysis process with the final goal of being able to gather, analyze and reanalyze data and trends for business decisions.


      Course Level Learning Outcomes

      By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

      Describe the theory underlying the design of visual analytics tools

      Communicate design requirements to members of a visual analytics development team

      Apply theory, concepts and strategies for making design decisions in visual analytics

      Create effective interactive visualizations based on scientific principles

      Use visual analytics to derive insights from large and abstract datasets


      The course textbook "Visualization Analysis and Design" by Tamara Munzner is available via the University of Calgary Safari Books Online Library