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    Fixed Capacity Bucket fill-in. How do I keep "fixed" values for capacity (even with LOD calc)

    Kelly Penhall-Wilson

      I'm working on a capacity "fill up" chart that has a fixed/known capacity (by a category of "Solution") and during a planning phase, "Allocated" capacity gets filled up, represented by various states of the items being worked on.  Attaching a packaged workbook with sample excel data set that mimics my data set. The first worksheet represents the "Capacity" buckets I want to fill (Total Available Capacity). The second sheet (Total and Allocated here) includes the Total Available Capacity with a dual axis to the Allocated Capacity, and a filter that includes the Planning Stage (to give the user the ability to drill into capacity for a given stage). What I'm looking to do is represent the Total Capacity as a fixed value regardless of whether or not that solution has data represented in the "Stories"/Allocated Capacity sheet.


      This is what I'm looking for:


      Capacity Fill Up.png


      However, I'm having problems with the following:

      1. Total Capacity does not remain fixed when I select/deselect different Planning Stages (filter).
        1. Total Capacity is a calculated field with LOD: {FIXED [Solution]:MAX([Totaldev])}.
      2. I want to represent the various "Planning Stages" as distinct colors of "Allocated Capacity" within the entire Capacity bucket,  but I cannot seem to do that in the second sheet.


      Any help would be appreciated. I have some flexibility with the dataset, and probably can structure it differently, but I seem to be stuck with getting the right approach.




      Uploading a new version of the exported workbook with only relevant fields.