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    Passing DB Username, Password

    peevee Reddy

      Hi All,


      I've a question in Tableau Desktop while connecting to Oracle DB. In case if a Business user would like to login in to Tableau Desktop with Service UserID, Password (DB Schema username, Password), is there any way that we can pass Username, Password automatically instead of Typing Username, Password as there is potential risk involved in knowing the schema password. The idea is instead of using the specific user ID, we would like to give a common ID to use


      Any ideas, please share. Thanks in advance for the help




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          Hello Peevee,


          If you have Tableau Server you can publish the data source as a live connection to Tableau Server and allow the users to connect to the published data source but prevent them from seeing the credentials.


          More information can be found in the Online Help guide: Data Security


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Peter Fakan

            Hi PV,


            We found that TS connects to databases using its network account and not a run as user account (that's just the way we setup our server), so using your logic you could give your tableau server network account permissions to access your database, although your security team will be screaming at you as this is really-really bad practice.


            Depends on how secure you need your database to be