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    Can I show Empty rows when using cross data source filters?

    Hope Stiles

      I have a dashboard where I am using multiple data sources.  So, I am using cross data source filtering.  I have  a worksheet where I would like to show empty rows (there are not date or bin fields) f.  According to Show Empty Columns and Show Empty Rows Unavailable | Tableau Software  the show empty rows option is grayed out when you use data blending.  But according to Cross data-source filtering FAQs, The blending icon indicates the potential to link on a field. Blending will only occur if you drag a secondary dimension or measure onto the viz as something other than a cross data source filter.  I have no other pills on the worksheet with an orange indicator.


      Are these both correct?  Can anyone think of another reason that Show empty rows would be unavailable?




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Hope,


          Is it possible to share a workbook with a few sample rows from each data source so we can see the issue and try to help? 



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            Peter Fakan

            Hi Hope,


            I'm not 100% sure what you are asking for, but it sounds like 2 issues - using filters, and showing empty rows.


            A couple of initial thoughts (before you upload a sample workbook as Patrick suggested):


            Are the empty rows in the master dataset, or the blend dataset ? Can you change these around and achieve the same visualisation goal ? The logic I'm following with this suggestion is if the empty rows are in the master dataset then the show empty columns/rows menu should work, but if they are in the blend dataset then they might not be coming across.


            Further, if you have no pills on the worksheet with the orange indicator, this suggests that no actual blending is occurring. You can put a pill onto a worksheet (use tooltip shelf) without it having an impact on the visualisation, and this might enable showing empty rows/columns.


            Note I haven't discussed filters at all. Another way of troubleshooting is to take your filters off, and attempt to show rows/columns, then progressively re-enable the filters to see what was breaking it but I think the first 2 suggestions will be more fruitful in the first instance.





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              Hope Stiles

              Peter and Patrick,


              Thank you both for your responses.  I actually forgot I had posted this, but am still struggling through this issue.


              I did try removing the two cross data source filters as Peter suggested, and show empty rows did become available.  So this does seem like a limitation of the cross data source filter.  The challenge is that this set of dashboards has 5 data sources.  I have to set the primary data source as the one that has all facility options and not all of our data sources have data for every facility.  I'll go back and see if I can change these and what impact that has on the other dashboards that are part of this project.


              Patrick, would you be able to add this discovery to the Cross Data Source FAQ document?  It looks like even when only using a dimension as a cross data source filter you still encounter some of the limitations of blending.  .