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    Date-range with two date-fields and apply calculation on it

    Victor S



      I'm new to Tableau and trying to figure out how to work with date-ranges in two different date fields and apply a calculation on all the data on each day in the range.


      My data looks like this:




      I want to create a chart with all dates on the x-axis (01.01.2000 -> 12.12.2011) and calculate how many people were enrolled at any given date:


      Enrollment <= X-Axis Date < Cancellation || Enrollment <= X-Axis Date && Cancellation = NULL


      I was thinking about creating a second table in Excel containing all the days and all ID's which are still enrolled and add them with a joint..

      But I think there has to be a easier solution and I'm just too stupid to see it.


      I appreciate any help.