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    Tableau Server unable to access workbooks with live connections to external files, even with user permissions

    David Rootsey



      I have published workbooks with live connections in the past with no problem. However, these workbooks have always accessed a shared folder. The difference now is that permissions have been granted to the desired folder, for that specific user only (it is not a shared folder).


      Anyway, this is the error I'm getting:


      Invalid database name value

      The table "[TableauTemp].[example_table#txt]" does not exist.

      Unable to connect to the server "". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


      A few things to note:

      * I am definitely accessing the correct UNC path.

      * I can publish the exact same workbook successfully if I move the underlying text file to a shared folder.

      * The network department assures me that permissions have been granted to the Tableau Server user (and this has been tested).


      Any ideas? Does this error indicate a permissions problem, or some other technical issue? Thanks in advance.