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    All Using Related Data Sources Filter with All values

    Matjaz Vidovic

      Is there a way to have a filter from secondary data source, that is set as All Using Related Data Source, and doesn't affect primary datasource when All values are selected.


      In my workbook I have two data sources (Source1 and Source2). On first worksheet I am using Source1 and on second Source2. On first worksheet I set up filter Field1 from Source1 and set it as All Using Related Data Sources. I also made relation between Source1 and Source2 through Field1. Now on second worksheet I am using Source2 and filter is automatically applied. So far so good. The problems begin when I have All values selected on this filter. Number of total rows are lower as they would be if I hadn't have relation between sources. As I understand Data Blending Tableau creates left join between primary and secondary data source. In my case primary on worksheet2 is Source2. If filter is applied with All values (basically user didn't select values from filter) it should have same number of rows as if there would be only Source2 without relation and filter. Instead it is acting like inner join between Source2 and Source1 or left join with all values in where clause.


      Any ideas and experiences regarding that? There are always workarounds but is a little frustrating that this doesn't work out of the box.