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    Exporting Excel (CSV) with Filtering ON


      Hello All,


      I am looking for a solution for below problem statement.


      {Exporting dashboard data using 'Export' button, with filters ON}


      Scenario: I have a dashboard with some filters on it, & I want to filter the data to be exported when user clicks on 'Export' Button

      1. User selects values from filters on the dashboard (e.g. Region = 'Quebec')

      2. Clicks on Export button to get a Excel


      Desired Output: Excel file with Summary Data for Quebec region only


      Export  button has a URL Action associated with it (Dashboard URL with csv at the end - which exports the data in excel format), but it gives full dashboard data without filtering the results from sheet 'A' (as it is first one on dashboard in alphabetical order - which gets exported), but I want to export data based on filter values selected by user.


      Sheet A: Is overall summary report sheet which I want to download based on the filters selected by user


      I do not want to use cross tab for this requirement, as I want to provide user a single button feature using which the filtered data can be downloaded.




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