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    Multiple filters an calculations to concatenate strings and count frequency of combinations


      Hi Tableau community,


      I have a data source with various columns, including these following I will use :


      Date                Id       Products          Concatenate

      01/02/2018     1          A                     AC

      09/02/2018     2          B

      09/02/2018     1          C



      I've tried to find inspiration from this post but face to an issue : Concatenating data from child rows


      So, my goal is to have concatenating datas from products too, but I need to add some filters and calculations in the view.

      1. I need a filter in which one I select 2 dates --> done. For exemple, I want to select 01/02/2018 and 09/02/2018.

      2. I need a filter which select only id which are present in both dates (so, only Id 1 here) but I also need a calculation to find the value (string format) in the second date. My wish is to have a concatenate result in order to have the first product and the second product (only one product per id and date. Here, I would like to have AC in a new column).

      4. As I will always work on the same 3 products, so I will have 9 combinations, and I want be able to count the frequency of each combinations.


      Unfortunately, I can't add workbook to this post. Hope you will have great ideas !


      Thanks a lot for helping me,


      Best regards,