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    How can I add a link in the top help menu?

    Alexandru Veruzi

      Hey guys - very nice insights.


      Been trying to change the top help menu to add a new link there that would point to an internal Q&A portal for the users (see below the snap of the menu that i'm talking about).



      So, what I've been trying so far without any luck:


      1. changed the contents for this file on all 3 machines from the cluster (both HTML and GZ files):

      •      \Tableau\Tableau Server\<version-or-worker>\vizportalclient\public\en\helpMenu.html
      •      \Tableau\Tableau Server\<version-or-worker>\vizportalclient\public\en\helpMenu.html.gz


           Modification consisted in changing the placeholder for Search Help to another string so that I can check if the modification will work first before attempting a more intrusive change


      2. restarted the server, cleared the browser's cache, opened another tab incognito - nothing worked, couldn't see the change


      3. read this: https://tableauandbehold.com/2015/12/11/disabling-browser-and-apache-caching-to-see-your-changes-to-tableau-server/ and tried to modify the apache cache expiry/retention from 1 year to 2 minutes on all nodes and restarted the server. That didn't work either (cleared the browser's cache and opened incognito to check).


      Any idea where I might be mistaking?


      Tableau Server version: 10.1.9.


      Here is the modified file helpMenu.html file (added TEST word to the placeholder):


      <span class="tb-help-menu-button"> <tb:popup-menu direction="dl"> <tb:popup-menu-text-button class="tb-light"><span class="tb-icon-help-menu"></span></tb:popup-menu-text-button> <tb:popup-menu-content> <div tb-mousedown-outside="reset()" class="tb-help-menu"> <form tb-escape="popupMenu.close(); reset();"> <span class="tb-help-search"> <div class="tb-search-box"> <tb:text-box tb-text-box-model="searchForm.searchText" tb-text-box-placeholder="'Search Help TEST'" tb-text-box-enter="searchHelp(); popupMenu.close();" tb-test-id="help-search"></tb:text-box> </div> <a class="tb-search-button"></a> </span> </form> <span tb-button-click="popupMenu.close(); reset();"><a ng-href="{{serverHelpUrl}}" target="_blank" tb-test-id="server-help-link" translate="{{helpLocKey}}" class="tb-popup-menu-item"></a><a ng-if="!isOfflineHelpEnabled" ng-href="{{supportUrl()}}" target="_blank" tb-test-id="support-link" class="tb-popup-menu-item">Support</a><a ng-if="showGettingStartedLink" tb-button-click="launchGettingStarted()" tb-test-id="user-menu-item-getting-started" class="tb-popup-menu-item">Welcome Screen</a><a tb-button-click="showAbout()" translate="aboutServer" translate-values="{ SERVER_NAME: serverName() }" tb-test-id="user-menu-item-about" class="tb-popup-menu-item"></a></span> </div> </tb:popup-menu-content> </tb:popup-menu> </span>