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    1 date column, shows both start n end date ... need rolling 12 month percent delta

    Sowmya Potluri

      Hi Tableau community,


      from back end table, data pulling 4 columns: LOB , Party Type, Date, Data


      in Tableau I need to produce LOB,Party Type,Start Date ,End Date, Data Difference (b//n Dates)


      i created Lookup CALC To pull previous date in another column as Start date...here the issue is it needs to pick based on LOB n Party type... how do i feed tableau this scenario.


      DATE(DATEADD('month',-11,DATETRUNC('month',[End Date]))) -Display for Start date.

      LOOKUP(ATTR([End Date]),-1) - Display for start date Data .... How do i feed tableau the index based on LOB and party type???



      Appreciate your help!!!