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    Subscription Notifications Timeout 10.5.1

    Chris Ellis

      For 2 days in a row we have a subscription notification that will run for 90000 seconds, hold up our backgrounder then error out.

      A screen shot of the error:

      We are running 10.5.1.


      Anyone have a similar experience or resolution for this?

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          Andrew Bickert

          Hi Chris,

          Just a thought, is the data connection set to a live connection on this workbook? If so the subscription may be trying to refresh before sending out the report as opposed to an extract that can be updated from a task and then send out a subscription. For a large workbook with a lot of connections this could take a considerable amount of time. You can also use a performance counter with the Windows performance monitoring tool to see what load the server is having when this subscription runs to see if it is overlapping with other processes.  Alerts, Monitoring, and Tuning  (scroll to Windows performance monitoring near the middle end of the document.)