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    Best online training/support

    Andrew Allen

      Hi all, we're making the move to Tableau (yahoo!) shortly. Just wondering if you all have any favourite online training/support that you use, or is it all from the core Tableau main site?

      Any links welcomed on general tutorials, forums, support mechanisms.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Simon Beaumont

          Hi Andrew,


          Drop me an email simon.Beaumont@southernhealth.nhs.uk or a Twitter DM (@SimonBeaumont04) and I can talk you through our approach to training, but also, and equally important our approach to ongoing Tableau improvement and personal development. The good news is you don't have to spend lots to make a real difference in terms of supporting your analysts, the online community and initiatives are outstanding so its good to play into those and I can happily talk you through them.




          PS don't suppose you are going to the UK Healthcare Tableau User Group on Monday? And congrats on getting Tableau, its been an amazing 3 years since we first got it so I am really excited for you!