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    Viz Alert 2.1 Starter Workbook

    Judith Lanzo

      I'm researching upgrading from Tableau 2.0 to 2.1,


      In the install quide documentation it references publishing the VizAlertStarter.twbx instead of the old vizalerts.tdsx.

      "Starter Workbook

      Last, but not least, publish the [VizAlerts install folder]\demo\VizAlertsStarter.tbwx workbook to Tableau Tableau Server, and grant permissions to anyone you wish to have an easier way to create Advanced Alerts. This workbook gives users a shortcut to creating them, with all the necessary action fields and examples on how to use them."


      I cannot locate this workbook in the downloaded zip file.  Can someone help direct me to where I can find it?  Or is the reference incorrect and this can be found in the VizAlertDemo.twb?