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    Educational Brain Teaser : running_sum by Year

    Shinichiro Murakami

      Hi all,


      Answers are here.

      Educational Brain Teaser ==> Answer 1 : running_sum by Year

      Educational Brain Teaser ==> Answer 2 : running_sum by Year



      I prepared Video(GIF) this time.

      Could you replicate this feature from attached excel file.


      Whatever the date unit selected, I want to keep running_sum up to "Year" level.


      I want to change the rule.

      I really want to see the twbx file on reply, not only screen shot, so, I check the reply everyday and remove the attached file and save it in my local PC to avoid cheating.

      [2/8 added]

      However, please reply twice, because I cannot modify the reply , but only can DELETE reply.

           1. with comment and screen shot

           2. only with attachment twbx.   (==> will be deleted)

      Until then, please be patient not to download the attached twbx (as long as there are some replies)


      Any other suggestions to keep this activity exciting are also welcome.