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    Adding vertical reference lines in histogram graph

    Cecilia Mahdi

      I've set up a histogram and I am not able to add vertical reference lines. I can, however, add horizontal reference lines. I am currently using Tableau Desktop 10.5. When you click on the y-axis, it allows you to add a "horizontal" reference line by clicking on "Add Reference Line."  However, when I click on the x-axis, there is no option to add a reference line. Is this option not available in version 10.5?


      How do I add a vertical reference line to a histogram? Below is a sample of the histogram I set up. Again, I would like to display a vertical reference line.



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          David Hines

          The reason it's likely not allowing this is because a Bin is essentially a dimension, not a measure..


          if i was in the predicament, I might try the following however, I doubt it would work..


          Right click the blank area within your columns shelf and type the number '0' then hit enter.  This will create a new green pill on your columns shelf with the sum of 0.  Make this a dual axes and synchronize it with 'Total System Activities'.  Then, depending on the type of reference line, if you'd like to create the reference line based on a measure, put the measure into your marks card of SUM(0) to make it available in the reference line dialogue.

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            Cecilia Mahdi

            Thanks for the suggestion. And you are correct...it doesn't work the way as expected. I wish there was a way to add a reference line from the x-axis along with using the bin factor as a dimension. I'm not sure how to convert a bin dimension to a measure in order to add the vertical reference line.