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    Calculation of max within dimension

    Artem Brauner

      Not sure what is the proper way how to search the problem I have.


      I have the list clients and each client has a list of features it's using e.g.:

      Client1, Feature1

      Client1, Feature2

      Client1, Feature3

      Client2, Feature2

      Client3, Feature2

      Client3, Feature4


      Each feature has it's own milestone e.g.:

      Feature1, Milestone1

      Feature2, Milestone1

      Feature3, Milestone2

      Feature4, Milestone3


      After joining I would have something like:

      Client1, Feature1, Milestone1

      Client1, Feature2, Milestone1

      Client1, Feature3, Milestone2

      Client2, Feature2, Milestone1

      Client3, Feature2, Milestone1

      Client3, Feature4, Milestone3


      I am trying to build something that will show me how many clients each milestone will have.

      Milestone1, 1   (Client2 should go here as he has only 1 feature max milestone 1)

      Milestone2, 1   (Client1 should go here as he has only 3 feature max milestone 2)

      Milestone3, 1   (Client3 should go here as he has only 2 feature max milestone 3)