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    [C++] Data Extract API - "unresolved external symbol"

    Tjalling Tolle

      Hello Tableau enthusiasts,


      After being slightly disappointed with the performance of the Python version of the Data Extract API I wanted to try out the C++ version assuming it to have better performance. However i cant get Visual Studio Express 2012 to recognize the library.

      Following all the steps from the online help section i am still getting allot of "unresolved external symbol" errors.


      The steps i took to try to get it to work are:

      • Adding "C:\DataExtractAPI\bin" to the Path environment variable
      • Creating a new C++ console project with precompiled headers
      • Creating a new properties sheet
      • Adding "C:\DataExtractAPI\include" to C/C++|General|Additional Include Directories
      • Adding "C:\DataExtractAPI\lib" to VC++ Directories|Library Directories
      • Adding "DataExtract.lib" to Linker|Input|Additional Dependencies
      • Copying the contents of the sample cpp file into the generated cpp


      Seemingly it can't access the .lib file but i think i added it correctly.

      Does anyone here know the solution to this problem?


      Looking forward to all your replies,

      Tjalling Tolle