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    Educational Brain Teaser ==> Answer 2 : running_sum by Year

    Shinichiro Murakami


      Educational Brain Teaser : running_sum by Year


      Answer 1

      Educational Brain Teaser ==> Answer 1 : running_sum by Year


      Continued from previous.


      1. Not using running_sum

      And use previous_value, instead.


      This is an label example.




      2. The Power Game.

      Judge the exploded conditions and change the formula with "if then"

      Not using muscle power, but using brain's calories.



      1. There is window_sum formula as one of table calculations.

           It is similar to running_sum, but it smarter than running_sum in sense of enabling the start and end setting.


      2. There is DATEPART formula.

           Months are 1~12,  Quarters are 1~4, and date are 1~31,(30,29,28)


      3. There is LOD {fixed [xx] : countd [yyy]}

           without specific condition setting, it counts number of [yyy]


      4. There is formula of "size"

           This formula counts number of dimensions.  When it's hidden under hierarchy, only counts



      This situations might be called as


      Craft brings nothing home.


      You can try to understand below formula only if you have time.



      Here are samples of Labels.




      I could not cover all of the solution of course, but just as samples of typical solutions,



      OK, Enjoy Tableau!