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    Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Exam Questions

    Bhavana Khairnar

      Hello Guys,


      Yesterday only I gave my Tableau Associate exam  which was on (5-07-17). Before giving this exam I have looked for many questions and what type of questions might appear in exam. So I decided to at least make you guys understand what type of questions might come.


      There were many questions on
      1. Trend Line
      2. Scenerios were given out of which you have to look into a graph and answer the questions.
      3. Mapping

      4. Calculative Fields.
      5. Data cleaning is vital part of being a tableau developer so you need to work on them as they come in exam.
      6. Histograms and Box plot are also quite essential charts which will help you in future to understand data and work easily on data sets.
      7. Joins , dashboards  work on them too.


      Hope this will help you all.

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