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    Educational Brain Teaser ==> Answer 1 : running_sum by Year

    Shinichiro Murakami

      Thank you the replies


      This case, the condition is not tight, and there were various ways of approach including which I did not imagine.

      That's also fun and really educational, but had to summarize....

      But will try my best


      I will not cover all the approaches, but typical several approaches will be mentioned in this post and next post.



      Educational Brain Teaser : running_sum by Year



      What was the problem?


      With this, becomes cumulative for entire period, not stop at year level. ==>  NG!!




      With this, nothing becomes cumulative.



      Does it work if I explode to smallest level of "Day" ??


      ==>  OK? ======>


      orz   (<== This means People who are depressed, famous in Japanese Web communication and of course you can use)

      なんて読むかわからない。orz | シルエットデザイン


      From here, sample of answers I got.


      Answer #1   Put everything with exploded.




      This works, but because of "Day" level granularity, it's not comfortable.


      Answer #2    put "Year" only, but with some conditions.




      There is no smaller level of noise, and this might be the simplest solution ins this teaser.



      Here the condition is I use different calculated field to represent "year"

      year(date) does not work though, because it's is different granularity level. I guess??




      It's getting longer and I will post another approaches next time.


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      I will attach workbook next time.