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    Show multiple urls in tooltip

    Floor Nijenkamp

      Dear all,


      I have an issue for which I created a workaround, but now it doesn't work anymore and I don't know to how to solve it... So I hope someone has the same problem and knows a proper solution.


      In my dashboard I have a map with locations, a small report and multiple filters which apply to both the report and the map. Many records in my data source have the same longitude and latitude, so they are blended as one spot on the map. I want to display only the spots on the map and in the report if they require a certain number of records. So far no problems. But here comes the difficulty... Each individual record in my data source contains a hyperlink and I want to show all urls that belong to the spot on the map. Preferably clickable as wel.


      The workaround I created was to make an extra sheet/list with all my hyperlinks as a simple table. When I used the map or the report as a filter, this sheet was filtered as well. I added this sheet as an extra dashboard and linked the dashboards to each other. But now I don't want to use the map or report as a filter, but just the number of records in my dashboard. When I use a certain number of records as a filter for the map and report, my 'table list' sheet with hyperlinks is empty because it shows only individual records. So when I use for instance a filter for a minimum of 20 records per spot on the map and report, my corresponding list with individual hyperlinks is empty, because this list displays individual records.


      I attatched a sample workbook which represents my problem. In this workbook the filter for minimum number of records is applied only to the map and not to the report list.

      Hope someone has the same problem and knows a good workaround!


      Kind regards,


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          Joe Oppelt

          Are you still looking for help with this?


          If so, see attached.


          In sheet 3 I made a calc ([Calculation1]) that builds a string, adding on the current hyperlink to a growing list of the prior hyperlinks.


          On V2 of sheet 3 I changed the calc (which is a table calc) to restart every longitude.  Now you get a new growing string for each lat/long on the sheet.  And then I made Calculation2 to grab the last one for each lat/long (which therefore comprises the complete list of all hyperlinks for that lat/long.  You can display that in a tooltip.  (But you can't use that as a hyperlink value to click on.)


          On V3 of sheet 3 I just made a simple sheet of all lat/long combos and their hyperlinks.  I used the new 10.5 sheet-in-a-tooltip feature that lets you display a sheet in a tooltip.  Go to your MAP sheet.  Hover or click on a city.  There is the sheet!  At this time we can't click into a sheet-in-a-tooltip though.


          Look at Dashboard 2.  I put my own sheet in place of yours for "Report".  I made a filter action that displays this sheet if you click a city.  Then I made a hyperlink action just like you previously had on Dashboard 1.  (I just used my own Report sheet so that I could have lat and long on the sheet for the filter action.)


          So these are some ways to address what you are looking to do.

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            Floor Nijenkamp

            Hi Joe,


            I still needed an answer to my question so... thanks very much for your clear explanation and examples! I helped me a lot!

            There's just one thing I don't understand how you did it. In Dashboard 2, how did you made the filter action that only displays the sheet when you click a city on the map?


            But I still got the problem with filtering the minimum number of records. When I change the minimum number of records parameter in your workbook to 2 for example, both the tooltip and the hyperlinks list are empty. I hope you can help me with that part as well!


            Kind regards,


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              Joe Oppelt

              Let me first address the question about Dashboard 2.


              I made a filter action with the Source being the Map sheet, and the Target being my new sheet.  I specifically pass selected fields of Lat and Long.  So in my sheet, only the rows that correspond with those values display.


              The key thing is to check "Exclude all values" as shown below.  That way the little report sheet clears out when you clear the selection off the Map sheet.  And then I can just pass the hyperlink field (as you did on Dashboard 1) to the hyperlink action (Hyperlink 2) to get to the link.



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                Joe Oppelt

                Regarding the filter...  That is evaluating at the row level.  So for every row, the value for Number of Records is always 1.


                I created a FIXED LOD to tell me how many rows are for each lat/long.  See [Rows for Lat/Long].  Then I modified the [FILTER...] calc to use that instead.  (I also displayed both SUM([Number of Records]) and [Rows for Lat/Long] on the map, and on my report sheet so you can see how they behave at the row level.  (On the MAP sheet you are not displaying at the row level, so they get rolled up to the mark level for lat/long, and that's why you see 3 or 10, etc.  But on my sheet I display at the row level (so that individual hyperlinks are accessible to the hyperlink2 action) and there you can see why number of records is 1, but the LOD value is still 3 .

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                  Floor Nijenkamp

                  Hi Joe,


                  Thanks for your super super super clear explanation!!! I never heard of the FIXED LOD function. This really solves my issue and also contributes to my Tableau knowlegde a lot!


                  I was wondering if you also know if it is possible to show all results from Sheet3 (4) when no selection for a location on the map is made.

                  So for instance if my Minimum # records is 1, I would like so show the full list of Sheet3(4), and when I change the Minimum # records to 5, to show just the results that belong to this filter.


                  Edit: I still needed to apply the new filter to all sheets, now it's working. Thank's a lot!


                  You're my hero now!

                  Kind regards,


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                    Floor Nijenkamp

                    Hi Joe,


                    I still got another question. The workbook I added to this question is just a 'simple' version from my original one. The original one I can't share because of privacy reasons.


                    But in my original workbook, I got a lot of filters. And the problem that I'm facing right now, is that the value for the "Rows for Lat/Long" has the value for all records in the data source, but my filters don't apply to this calculated field. I tried adding all filters to the "Rows for Lat/Long" calculated field, but I still don't get it working properly.


                    I made another workbook with an editted data source so I can show you what I mean. In Dashboard(2), for instance, if I check just "me" in the filter "person" the Number of Records and Rows for Lat/Long don't have the same value, but I want them to.


                    You know a solution for this problem as well?

                    Kind regards,


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                      Joe Oppelt

                      The [Rows for lat/long] calc is a FIXED LOD calc.  When we do FIXED, in most cases it acts BEFORE any filters are invoked.


                      There is a concept called "order of operation".  You can read up on it here:


                      Tableau's Order of Operations


                      FIXED does calcs on the full set of data coming in from the data source -- except for certain circumstances.


                      If you want LODs to be affected by the filters, usually we go to INCLUDE and EXCLUDE LODs.  These get evaluated AFTER the filters are applied.


                      They can also be a little more confusing to get right.


                      You can force two sorts of filters to act BEFORE a FIXED LOD in the order of operations.  One is making it a data source filter.  (Usually that's an extreme thing, though, because it will apply to ALL sheets that use the data source.)

                      The other way to make a filter act before the FIXED LOD is to put it "in context".  Here is how I did that for your sheet:



                      After you put a filter in context, the pill on the filter shelf changes to a grey color to let you know it is in context.

                      Attached is your workbook with that filter in context.

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                        Floor Nijenkamp

                        Thanks Joe for your very clear explaination!


                        I still got a lot to learn I see... Thank you!