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    Integrating R in Tableau Workbook

    Salim Fadel

      Hi Tableau Community,


      If you have a tableau dashboard that is using the R features can you share the tableau workbook with users that don't have R studio installed on their computer? Does anyone know the order of operations regarding TDEs and R? does the operations flow look like CVS->TDE->R or CSV->R->TDE?



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          Sujay Paranjpe

          Hi Salim Fadel,


          How are you planning the share the workbook with users? Do the users have Tableau Readers?

          If you publish the workbook and then user access the published workbook then having a local R installation is irrelevant. Your Tableau Server must have access to a R Server/Service.


          The operations flow like CVS->TDE->R


          Check this - R Implementation Notes




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