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    Using TabPy to make a Normal Curve

    Pragyan Bezbaruah

      I have before made Normal curves using the amazing blog by Robin Kennedy:



      But when it comes to TabPy, I am failing to do so. As using Python codes inside Tableau needs some tweaking to do, some of the basic functions of Python fail in Tableau.


      Even if I go step by step with the blog and manipulating the code as TabPy needs me to work, the final formula to make the curve -


      (1 / ([St Dev] * SQRT(2*PI()))) * EXP(-((ATTR([Profit Bin]) – [Mean])^2 / (2*[St Dev]^2))) * [Profit Bin Size]* TOTAL (SUM([Number of Records]))


      is rather getting difficult for me to recreate.


      What I wrote till now is -


      import numpy as np

      import matplotlib.mlab as mlab

      import math



      sigma = maths.sqrt(_arg1)

      x = np.linspace(_arg2 - 3*_arg3, _arg2 + 3*_arg3, 100)



      ", FLOAT([Variance]), FLOAT([Mean]), FLOAT([Std Dev]) )


      Will it be possible to help me make the graph?


      I have made the histogram using Tableau bins but I need to make the curve using Python.