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    Building a filter based on a column of CSV data

    Scott Carter

      I've been trying to filter a large data set by the contents of a column of tags that are in CSV format. A simplified sample is below. The goal would be to display data based on the individual tags, as well as be able to filter aggregate data on individual or combinations of tags.


      Post 125EMEA, Product
      Post 230EMEA 
      Post 322Event, Product
      Post 410

      Event, EMEA


      I need to be able to display the total engagements for each individual tag in a chart, as below.



      Other community topics have helped me set up parameters based on the tags, and filter using that. While this works as a single tag filter, I can't select multiple tags or visualize the results for each tag. Additionally, I tried writing a calculated metric to do this, however that didn't fully work. It appeared to give precedence to the tags in order of the formula. For example, the formula below would ignore the "Product" tag for Post 1 in the data set above. 



      ELSEIF CONTAINS([Tags], "Product") THEN "Product"

      ELSEIF CONTAINS([Tags], "Event") THEN "Event"



      As a relative Tableau novice, I've reached the extent of my abilities in trying to problem solve this, so would be very appreciative for any ideas someone more knowledgeable than I might have.



      Scott Carter