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    Workbooks in one dashboard are out of sync

    Eric WANG

      Hey everyone,


      I've ran into following issue:


      I have a published dashboard which is connected to a published data source, which is scheduled to be refreshed at 800am. The data contains historical data but the dashboard is only showing the a summary figure of the latest date in one workbook, and break it down by some attribute in another. I was using the dashboard from 800am - 830am, while the data source refresh completed at 815am. Later I discovered at some time during that period, my summary workbook has been refreshed to reflect the latest figure, but the breakdown one was still using the previous date figure.


      Not sure if I missed anything here but why two workbooks in one dashboard is not been refreshed at the same time when only one data source is involved here. I appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction