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    Https issue while publishing .tde file created using tableau python sdk from Linux server

    Ashwin Shenoy



      I am facing an issue while publishing the .tde file that I have created using python sdk on the the tableau server.

      The publish works fine from my development environment (windows) but fails when I try to schedule it on a server running on linux.


      This issue crops up only when tableau server is configured with SSL.

      Below is what I see in the logs when I run the script on the linux server.


      "TableauException (400): Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with the given CA certificates"


      I have gone through the knowledge base where Tableau says

      "Work with your internal IT staff to make sure that your computer's root certificates are up-to-date and SHA-256 compatible"

      We have verified that the linux server has the updated certificates installed. (Thawte Primary Root CA-G3[SHA256] certificate)


      Any ideas on how to solve this?