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    Survey Dashboard! Urgent Help Please!!!

    Stanley Nwador

      Urgent Help Please!!!


      I am looking to group some dimensions together in order to create this viz (below) but I’m having no luck.


      For example: I want to group all the Catered Functions (Appearance, Price Paid, Staff, Taste & Temperature) dimensions together

                            As well as group all the Catering Services (Ordering Process, Price Paid, Quality of Product, Staff & Timeliness of Delivery) dimensions together

                            As well as group all the Concessions (Price Paid, Quality of Product, Speed of Service, Staff & Variety of Concessions) dimension together

                            Also group all the Digital Advertising, Food Purchase, Internet Services, Parking Experience, Safety, Staff and Utility Services DIMENSIONS together in other create the same viz below.


      I have also attached my tableau workbook, also with the Text-File data source. Please help.




      So again I am basically trying to create the exact same viz below but I’m not getting anywhere and this project is due tomorrow morning so please I really really need your help please help and thank you so very much in advance.


      Thank you

      Stanley Nwador

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