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    Where do I start to learn Tableau?

    soomin kim



      I am total newbie to Tableau. I want to learn and get certification for career change. Currently working full time as AR (account receivable) and don't have access to Tableau at work. Can you please share some advice where I can start learning and get some hands on experience? Or best path to certification?


      Thank you!!

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          Jim Dehner

          Welcome to Tableau


          I would suggest starting with the Tableau on-line training - it is broken into segments that will walk you from getting started through advanced calculations


          Tableau Training and Tutorials




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            Colin Clark

            Hi - Couple things. First, you can access Tableau Public on your home computer for free. Second, there is a web site called udemy.com where you can sign up for a 7-hour online Tableau class for $10 and get hands on experience with Tableau Public as instructor goes through course.

            Good luck



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              Anna H. Dzikowska

              Learning Tableu I have prepared step by step plan and realized it every single day (even small step). Simulaneusly I have engaged to Community Initiatives (MakeOverMonde, WorkoutWednesday, to be inspired and learn new viz). I have attached my learning plan for three months.




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                Caite Stevens

                I took a Udemy course to get the basics - it cost me less than $100, and helped me learn to walk. After that, it was plowing through dashboards and Googling everything I couldn't figure out on my own, and now I feel like I'm running at a decent pace. These forums are great - Tableau has a large public community who are willing to help.

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                  Jim Dehner

                  $100 sounds like it was well spent -


                  Also if you can find a user group close to you - think about going to meetings - I present at the Nashville one form time to time - did LODs and then Sets - others have groups for people at different levels

                  check out Make over Monday and Think Date Thursday


                  Also Tableau is constantly evolving so go back to the on-line training from time to time and see if there are new topics


                  and on final place check out this site https://tc18.tableau.com/learn/sessions?search=&track%5B%5D=1&apply_filter=yes

                  you will find the recorded presentations from the convention







                  the levels run from Newbie through Jedi



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                    kritesh anand

                    If you want to enhance your skills in technology field and want to learn how to visual and update your data or tools then you can definitely go for Tableau Course. If you are new to this then you can easily join 6 months Tableau Course where you can easily learn and work and do practical things under expert. With the help of 6 months training you will work with real time peroject that will really beneficial for you.