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    Tableau Extensions API (Beta) -- Write Back from Extension to SQL Server

    Baxter Boe

      I have a dashboard extension that is an HTML Form with 3 input fields.  Currently it is hosted on npm locally and the javascript saves the values using SaveAsync()  and renders them in a table in the Extension UI and clears them when the hit the "Clear" button and saves them when they hit the "Submit" button.  What is the appropriate way to Save these values in a SQL database on the "Submit" action. I've tried the all of the following ways but can't get it to work locally...  Do I need to load the dashboard with the extension to the SQL Server (Beta) first and call the REST API for the underlying metadata?


      Regardless of these, what is the recommended architecture and process for writing back to SQL Server from a dashboard extension.  There may be more than one right answer....



      Jquery/AJAX  in the .Js file ==> .PHP (WampServer) ==> MySQL

      Powershell ==> SQL Server