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    Filter visibility based on user ID/user group

    Vasu choudhury



      I have a dashboard with multiple dashboards in a workbook one with summary data and rest would be detailed analysis.


      Currently the dashboard suffice for both MGR and Employee roles and we are not providing Region filter in the dashboard.


      We have a new role(CEO) to be implemented in the dashboard without any restriction , which is nothing but a super user. Already we have 2 other levels if security in the same dashboard.


      Therefore my req is that, when CEO Login, he has to see an additional quick filter(Region) in the dashboard and rest of the lower roles(MGR/Employee) should not see this quick filter.


      Is there any work around to show/hide a filter based on roles without splitting the dashboard? If yes, please let me know the steps.




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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Vasu,


          Just working through your scenario, if a manager and employee are locked by their access to a region, rather than putting in the effort for showing/hiding the filter couldn't you just display it as an inert object for those staff ? i.e. they can click on the filter all they like, it will only present the one option for them.





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            Vasu choudhury

            Hi Peter,


            Yes we can provide the Filter condition in the dashboard where all roles see the filter. As per our req so far.. Mgr and Employee will see only one value on the drop down and hence we haven't included this filter in the dashboard.

            At a given point of time MGR & Employee belongs to one State/Region and hence there is no point in providing that value in the dashboard.

            This is the least option which i am thinking. Thought of posting here to check if i can get any better solution.


            I think we can achieve this scenario with Parameters, but I am not using any param in the dashboard and it has to automatically trigger the filter based on user Login/group.




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              Peter Fakan

              Hi Vasu,


              Take a look at Joe Oppelt's work here - We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.


              Or google 'Tableau hide filter with floating object' for other guides





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                Vasu choudhury

                Peter, I have gone through this link before and sheet swaping approach will not meet my requirement and didn't find anything related in search engine though.

                There should be some manual intervention is needed to select CEO/MGR/Employee which is not the req.


                I am using almost 20 sheets in a single dashboard and close to 60-80 sheets based on the req. I don't think we can have sheet mapping for all these in a single dashboard which will hamper the performance of the dashboard.


                Please let me know if you have any other work around.

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                  Vasu choudhury

                  Please find the attached dashboard with different views.


                  CEO View: When CEO login into the same dashboard, he/she has to see an additional Region Filter in the same dashboard dynamically.

                  MGR1 & Employee View: Will have same filters in the same dashboard(i just split into 2 views for representation purpose) and security is being driven based on certain conditions which is working as of now.


                  Reg: When CEO login Region filter should popup(as shown in red) and for other dashboard, it shouldn't show.


                  Hope it is clear. Please let me know if any one has any thoughts.

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    Vasu -- I'll look at this.

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      (V 10.3 here)

                      My aim is to make the red filter pop on and off the CEO dashboard.


                      Take a look at sheet "Pop out CEO filters".  I created a calc that looks at ISMEMBEROF. At my site we put power users into special groups.  Here I pretended that your CEO is in a group called "CEO Power User Group".  At my site we also add in the "Designer" group so that as we work on the sheet and dashboard we can see what the power user is supposed to see.


                      For testing purposes I always create a bogus parameter so I can turn it on and off to see what non power users should see too.


                      In this case I commented out the part of the calc that checks groups.  You'll uncomment that when you get your group names set up (and modify the calc to reflect your group names.)


                      So right now, the parameter should move based on the value of [Test Param].


                      Go to the CEO View dashboard.


                      Here I floated the filter.  (I shoved a "Blank" object into the place that it previously occupied so that when I pop out the filter, it doesn't cover anything important.)  I added a floating container, and dragged both the pop-out sheet and the filter into the container.  Now, when you swap the values of [Test Param], you'll see the pop-out sheet appear and disappear.  when it disappears, the filter shifts upward.  That is the behavior we are looking for.


                      Go to CEO View (2).


                      Here I positioned the floating container so that the filter is positioned in view when [Test Param] = "a".  (This simulates what will happen when you have the groups set up.)  Change the value of [Test Param] to "b" and you'll see the filter disappear.


                      This happens because the container that holds these two objects is positioned on a negative y-axis coordinate.  When the pop-out sheet disappears, the filter is moved up, into negative space off the dashboard.