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    tabcmd export parallel processes seem to 'get stuck'

    Andrew Harper

      We are running four tabcmd export --pdf processes in parallel (using python's multiprocessing module and --no-cookie) from a remote machine against Tableau Server (TS) 10.3. TS is configured with two processes for each of the VizQL, Cache and Data Servers.


      Against TS 9.1 this configuration worked. Against TS 10.3 the tabcmd processes run for some minutes and then all seem to get stuck together. For example, the four processes will start and finish almost at the same time (rendering the view correctly), having run for 15m. The view that each is rendering takes about 15s on its own! Interestingly, each process very often takes almost exactly 900s...


      Tableau Support has recommended reviewing firewall/antivirus settings which we are doing. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thank you!