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    Unable to Fetch view counts For Particular Time Period(Days,Months,Quarter)

    Ashish Vij

      Hello All,


      I have created a dashboard which Has the Table containing:


      Fields:-View Name,UserName,View Count.


      Requirement: I want to fetch view count for a particular time period,Say last month.

      The Challenge is We don't have Date Dimension for the views in Repository, from where we can fetch it for a particular time period.

      There is one Dimension 'Time', which is displaying False information. It is giving for the whole period of time and not particular period.


      Steps Tried:I made a calculated field with Today() Function(for Testing), that also doesn't display correct information



      Please provide some pointers on how to fetch  for particular time period say(Last Month's View count for views)


      P.S:Using Repository as the data source.


      Appreciate your help !



      Ashish Vij