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    Start Week 1 of 2016 from Jan 4th.

    Shantanu Mendhekar

      Hello all,


      There has been an organization change and long story short, we now need to have January 4th as the first day of Week 1 of 2016 and so on. So, I am looking for a solution where I can take the Date Dimension, make changes as per the aforementioned condition, and generate a Date Dimension only. So, a solution similar to this, but with an option to start the week numbers with - Date Properties .


      The reason why I only want a Date Dimension is because a previous thread seeking a solution to missing weeks data was resolved by using only a Date Dimension. Previous Value for Missing Weeks . Also, since I will be connected to Microsoft SQL Server, I have limited functionality with the DATEPARSE function.


      Thanks a lot,