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    Fetching Data with MySQL and Auto Update of Data

    Harshit Gulati

      Hi All,

      Greetings for the Day!!


      I am having Tableau Public and I want to fetch data from MySQL table.

      The hurdles that I am facing are -

      ->How to connect MySQL with Tableau Public.

      ->Whenever a new Data gets added to my MySQL table, how will it reflect in Tableau(I don't want to uplaod source data file again and again)

      In short my requrement is to make a Tableau workbook, in which, data source is MySQL table, and data gets updated after every new record(Row/Field) is added to table.

      Please let me know if there ias any wayout for these problems. As I have asked these questions several time but yet not got any appealing answer.


      Thanks in Advance

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