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    Number of Days Per Stage

    Phil Heinle

      Hello all,


      I am looking for some advise for a workbook. My data source consists of three different dates, a file id, a client ID and a stage of where the file is along in the process. The goal of my workbook is to create a view that accurately shows the average amount of time a file has spent in each stage.


      For some background on the data: The file ID begins being tracked at the Start Date with an expected time of completion, which is the End Date. The Data Date represents the day that the data source was updated and for the use of this workbook will serve as the main date in focus. I believe the answer to this issue revolves around the use of date functions, which I have found to be challenging to come up with.


      Another goal of this workbook is to show a client's average against the average of the entire group. I have tried to use a number of fixed expressions but cannot seem to find the correct functions to use in order to return the desired view.


      If anyone has any insight into these solutions it would be much appreciated.