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    Keep 'null' values when multiple filters are applied

    Britney Weber

      I am in desperate need of your assistance Tableau community! Attached you will find a workbook with a single dual axis filled map with overlapping circles. In short the chart is showing us diabetes burden data (filled map) with potential prevention programs overlaying the map (circles).


      In order to construct the data source feeding this chart, I had to extract the Tableau-generated lat/long coordinates and merge them with my geocoded organization location coordinates. In other words, the data source was manually joined (full join), leaving a ton of null values.


      I am required to apply various filters to the chart:

      • Filter the filled map portion by Year, Indicator, Percent, Population
      • Filter the circles portion by Cohort


      Two (similar) issues:

      1. Since the data source is a full join (aka a hack), the 'Null' option for each filter must always be selected or else the circles disappear. This is because there are null values in the data set for the records represented by circles in the columns Year, Indicator, Percent, and Population.
      2. I can't get the Percent filter (a slider) to work at all! Since the circles have no Percent value in the data set, applying the Percent filter immediately removes the circles. When I edit the Percent filter and check "Include All Nulls", the circles appear. However, I need the circles in counties that are filtered out to disappear as well (e.g., If the Percent slider is moved and the filled Los Angeles is removed, I would need the circles in Los Angeles to be removed as well).


      Any insights greatly appreciated. Solutions I've tried below.


      Sidenote: After I get this squared away, the clients next ask: when a specific county is selected, a dynamic table will update to show more detail about all the organizations (circles) in the selected county. This should be fun ...


      Thank you!!!!



      Solutions I've tried unsuccessfully (calc field examples using Year filter just for explanation):

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Britney


          Your chart and data are really complex and I am not certain of your expectations


          see the attached


          I dropped in a calculated field to address the nulls -



          and then dropped it into a copy of your map - the appearance changed a dramatically - so I don't know if this did you any good


          BTW the slider works on the chart



          Good luck



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            Britney Weber

            Hi Jim,


            Thank you for your work on this, I'm really grateful. Unfortunately this wasn't quite the solution I was looking for. It looks like all the circles (org locations) disappeared from yours solution except a few around Missouri. I am hoping that I can create the below map (with a ton of circles representing my organization locations), without having to check "Null" in each of the filters.



            Thanks again,


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              Olivia Corso

              Hi Britney! - Best way to do this is to use a parameter with a filter.


              So create a parameter with all your filters (mine was years)


              then create a calculated field pulling from the desired filter and null




              then pull the calculated field to the filters and 'exclude' null (since now the old 'null' columns will now have your desired filter within it and all the columns you want filtered out will be null... if that makes sense)




              hope that helps. unfortunately this method only allows you to filter for 1 year at a time.