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    Sorting group and subgroup while using top n filter

    Alexander Hessler

      Hi guys,


      I got the following data base:


      Product ID     Category     Subcategory     Color

      1                    Clothing      a - clothing          blue

      2                    Clothing      b-clothing            black

      3                    Shoes         a-shoes               orange

      ...                    ...               ...                         ...


      I aim at building a dashboard with allows the user to choose a group (which can be category, subcategory or color) and a subgroup (which again can becategory, subcategory or color). Both is put on row. The group as well as the sub-groups shall be sorted by the number of products.

      Furthermore, there shall be the possibility to show only the top n groups and the top n sub-groups.

      For example, the user might decide to choose category as the group and he/she wants to see the top 3 categories. These categories shall be drilled down by the top 5 color (=sub-group).


      My approach works when choosing category as group and color as sub-group. However, everthing is messed up when selecting subcategory as sub-group (and category as group)

      Why is this??????


      Attached my work so far. As you can see, everything works fine except the combination of category and subcategory.

      I appreciate any help