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    What is your Tableau Extract refresh success rate?

    Stephen Shepperd

      I've been curious as to how my extract refresh success rate compares to those other server admins out there. I've come to expect a few failures each day and unless they are connected to critical, highly visible dashboards, I am not too worried about a few errors here or there (most are incremental and refresh multiple times a day).


      I'm currently hovering around the 95% to 98% success rate for about 250 extract refreshes a day.


      I'd love to hear if I'm taking the same attitude as others on this, or if I should be more worried that I'm not at 100%.



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          Toby Erkson

          Here's my current stats and 99+% is fairly typical for our environment:

          I really don't care about the rate since issues are due to end users, not the Tableau Server.  The biggest reason for failure is an expired data source password.  One session over-writing another is common - the extract took longer than planned and so when one is finishing up another is beginning; typically for schedules that are every 15 minutes OR if a user manually runs an extract task while it is already running one from a schedule.  The third common failure is a missing or unavailable data source; typically an Excel file is in-use or the sheet was altered, or no UNC file path specified (i.e. they used a mapped drive path).


          Personally, I wouldn't be worried as it's more of a user-competency indicator    If you are seeing what you think are a lot of failures then see if they are with the same user/owner.  Likely the owner just needs some training.

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            Matt Coles

            99.3% average over the last 9 days or so, I'm happy to say! But we also suspend extracts after 5 consecutive failures. So that could bump us up a bit, where it's really still an issue for the data consumers.


            edit: that's out of a total of 51,773 refresh operations, so, about 5,752 / day.

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